Now that we have figured out how long your resume should be let’s see why you need a current resume.

Remember that all jobs are temporary and you are always in transition. You need to have a current resume ready to go at all times whether it is for an in-house position or elsewhere.

A few weeks ago I was asked to write a resume in 30 minutes. I said the best I could do was reformat it. I reformatted it but I knew that was not enough. This person insisted that what was in it did not matter because it was an in-house position and he/she was a shoe-in for the position. Really? The job went to someone else so it does matter what is on the resume even for in-house use.

Outside of an employment context, you may also be asked for a resume if you’re going to be a speaker for an organization or an event, so they can use the resume to create your bio and speaker’s introduction.

Individuals being considered for a political appointment — for example, a state government committee or board — will likely be asked for their resume. The same is true for individuals being considered for key volunteer roles — for example, if you are asked to be on a nonprofit’s board of directors.

You may also be asked for a resume if you are being considered for an award — or being given an award in recognition of your work or volunteer efforts.

Resumes are also a tool for networking. Someone you just met who is interested in learning more about you may ask for your resume.

***It’s also important to note that a LinkedIn profile is not a substitute for a resume. Because a LinkedIn profile is public (even if you have your privacy settings locked down on LinkedIn, someone can still take a screenshot of your profile or create a PDF of it), there may be information that you do not want to include on your LinkedIn profile that can help demonstrate your accomplishments to a prospective employer. In addition, a resume can be customized to target a specific position, while you can only have one LinkedIn profile.

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