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The Dirty Dozen

  The Dirty Dozen The interview is over. You are told to expect the results in two weeks. A letter arrives two weeks later, and you open it and read the following: We regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you a position at this time. Although your background is impressive, your [...]

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Tips to Consider Before Leaving Your Job

Tips to Consider Before Leaving Your Job If you’re thinking about leaving your job, research whether your company has a policy or guideline about resignations — in particular, how much notice you should provide. This policy may be detailed in your employee handbook. Prepare your work computer for your departure before announcing you’re leaving. Save [...]

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Buyer Beware

Job seekers can be a target for unscrupulous companies. Recently I told you about one scam. Here is what another company was doing. In this case, a recruiter, Nick Corcodilos, took them to court. FTC Halts Fake Job Opportunity and Resume Repair Operation  Alleges defendants tricked consumers into paying advance fees of up to $2,500 [...]

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What to Do Next with Your Résumé

What to Do Next with Your Résumé There is an old saying that a résumé thrown in a drawer will not work. Now that you have your résumé, what should you do with it? Apply for Positions They simply use the résumé to apply for positions they see advertised — on job boards and company [...]

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Employment Law in a Nutshell

Employment Law in a Nutshell When applying for a job, what most candidates say they want is a hiring environment free of discrimination. There are a number of local, state, and federal laws that employers must follow when hiring employees. Generally speaking, these laws prohibit discrimination in employment based on race, color, religion, sex, age, [...]

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Jobseeker’s Guide to Online Reputation Management

Jobseeker’s Guide to Online Reputation Management When searching for a job, it’s very common for employers nowadays to look at your online profile. This information isn’t just used to “rule out” candidates. What a company finds about you online should reassure them about your qualifications and suitability as a prospective employee … not raise red [...]

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