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If You Have an Existing Resume:
Please send me your resume as a Word file attachment for one free resume writing assessment and price quote for services. Please include one job posting from the internet that is representative of the type of position you’re looking for. Don’t forget to include your email address and telephone number.

If You Do Not Have an Existing Resume:
Please send me an email explaining your work experience, including companies, job titles, and dates of employment. Please include one job posting from the internet that is representative of the type of position you’re looking for. I will email you a price quote. Don’t forget to include your email address and telephone number.

Completion of Services
You will be sent the first draft of your resume via email within 10-15 business days. Please reply with any changes or questions. Once the resume has been approved by you and finalized, it will be emailed to you. Telephone conversations are limited to resume issues only.

Revisions, based on your original information, are made at no charge. Up to two sets of revisions are included in the fee. Additional revisions beyond that may be subject to additional charges.

I am committed to giving you only what you need – doing neither too little, resulting in an ineffective resume, nor too much, involving unnecessary effort and expense. Fees are based on my expertise and time estimated to complete your project.


College Grad or Entry Level


Mid Level Management Positions


High Tech or Engineer Positions


Senior Management Positions


Senior Level Executives


Resume price in each package includes:

• An in-depth phone interview (lasts about one hour) to obtain information to develop your resume. The phone interview is meant to begin preparing you for interviewing. Phone interviews, at my expense, are for U.S. based clients only. Many clients have said that this exercise has helped them enormously during the interviewing process. There may be an additional charge if the call goes over one hour.

• Resume provided electronically in Word 97-2003 format. The Word 97-2003 version of your resume can be read by even the most recent releases of Word. In other words, a .doc file can be read by .docx versions but a .docx file cannot be read by versions 97-2003. You don’t know what version employers or recruiters are using to read your resume, so I save as the 1997-2003 version.

• Please allow 10-15 business days for your first draft.

Other Offers

For an additional $222, receive the resume above plus:

• A custom cover letter that you can modify and use for multiple jobs. You need a custom cover letter for each job you apply for.

• An ASCII version of your resume and cover letter, which can be posted on the internet and used in email.

• A PDF version of your resume.

• A combo version in Word and ASCII of the cover letter and resume as one file or document.

• Please allow 10-15 business days for your first draft.

The cover letters I produce get read. As a result, your resume is read. Cover letters are unique and do their job. I am normally able to create one cover letter that can be used in almost all situations. It is ‘custom’ to you alone.

If the letter is going to a recruiter, is in response to an ad, is a broadcast letter, or is for networking purposes I provide you with appropriate versions of your cover letter. Cost: $162

A one page document that you can “leave behind” after an interview. It succinctly summarizes your experience in a very visual manner. It is not meant to be sent with a resume and is not ATS compliant. It is a way to keep the attention of the interviewers long after the interview. Cost: $360

More than 92% of recruiters are actively using LinkedIn to search for candidates. Let me know if you need help with the wording.

Linkedin Profile: $250, with résumé by a Nationally Certified Online Platform Expert (NCOPE)
Linkedin Job Search assistance: $299


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