Update Your Resume Now

One of the most common reasons to update your resume when you’re not actively looking for a job is because you don’t have a good feeling about your current situation. Is there a lot of turnover in your current job or the company overall? Have there been rumors of layoffs, or did the company just [...]

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Why to Keep Your Resume Updated

The main reason to create — and maintain  — an updated resume is that it takes time to put a good resume together — whether you’re writing it yourself, or having a professional prepare it for you. A resume is not just an “obituary” of your work history — it’s not a summary of everything [...]

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Why You Need a Resume

Now that we have figured out how long your resume should be let’s see why you need a current resume. Remember that all jobs are temporary and you are always in transition. You need to have a current resume ready to go at all times whether it is for an in-house position or elsewhere. A [...]

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