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7 Reasons Why You Should Be on LinkedIn

What? You’re not on LinkedIn yet? What are you waiting for? These seven reasons outline why you should be on the social networking site. 1. Because That’s Where the People Are. LinkedIn is the number one social network for professionals — and, arguably, the most important website for jobseekers — with more than 347 million [...]

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Jobseeker’s Guide to Online Reputation Management

When searching for a job, it’s very common for employers to look at your online profile nowadays. This information isn’t just used to “rule out” candidates — finding a broad online presence can also improve your chances of getting the job by increasing your “know, like, and trust” factor. What a company finds about you [...]

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4 Things You Must Do On LinkedIn

To get the most out of your LinkedIn profile, make sure you do these four things: 1. Complete Your Profile. Your profile is the “front door” to your LinkedIn account. First impressions matter — so make sure you’ve made your profile as complete as possible. As an added benefit, your LinkedIn profile generally ranks high [...]

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Position Yourself to Get the Job

Begin with the end in mind: What job do you want? Then figure out what qualities, attributes, and skills are required for success in that job. How can you demonstrate that you possess them? Maybe you’re known as, “the sales manager that makes quota no matter what,” or “the engineer that can speak in a [...]

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Update Your Resume Now

One of the most common reasons to update your resume when you’re not actively looking for a job is because you don’t have a good feeling about your current situation. Is there a lot of turnover in your current job or the company overall? Have there been rumors of layoffs, or did the company just [...]

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Why to Keep Your Resume Updated

The main reason to create — and maintain  — an updated resume is that it takes time to put a good resume together — whether you’re writing it yourself, or having a professional prepare it for you. A resume is not just an “obituary” of your work history — it’s not a summary of everything [...]

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Why You Need a Resume

Now that we have figured out how long your resume should be let’s see why you need a current resume. Remember that all jobs are temporary and you are always in transition. You need to have a current resume ready to go at all times whether it is for an in-house position or elsewhere. A [...]

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